Two little monsters, two brothers, try to build a new home, a new garden on a little island.
But they can only succeed if they work together.


  • walk: WASD
  • pick up: Z
  • drop: U or X

TinyWorlds - Art, Design, Code
Grimae - voiced the little brother!
TrisNQuads - made the music, usually makes 3D stuff!

Published Apr 29, 2017
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
AuthorTiny Worlds
TagsAtmospheric, Cute, Ludum Dare 38, nature
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Download 7 MB

Development log


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Love it. :) Would you mind making an offline version for Windows (32-bit)?


I'll try. I don't have a Windows machine at home, but maybe I can do it in uni :)

Thank you, that would be nice. As this is an HTML5 game, I think it would be enough to just copy all the HTML, CSS and image files (and other fiiles you might have created) into one folder (with keeping the folder structure, if you have subfolders).

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Oh, that's exactly what I uploaded to so the game can be played in Browser.

I uploaded it somewhere else, so you can download it :)

Let me know if this works! EDIT: Doesn't work for me, weird ...




Cute and nice dude!!! ;)

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Thanks man :) Means a lot, I think your game might have been an inspiration :)

i don`t see hehe , your game looks pretty unique! Congrats!