The Gamedev Tools I used

I just saw has a devlog feature now, so I thought I'd post my post with the tools I used to make this game on here too!

All of them are FREE to use.

I hope you find this helpful :)

GIMP for Graphics


Stencyl for Code/Scripting

Stencyl - ld38_v9 - Build 9300_248.png

  • download free at & export for free to Flash/HTML5, pay 100$/year if you want to publish to Desktop
  • easy to use, but not very performant for bigger scenes
  • cross-platform editor (used it under Linux Mint)


  • Sony Alpha 58 (~400€) with 18-55mm kit lens to take background photo
  • Musician used older keyboard for music, we recorded it live with a cheap sound recorder & RODE mic
  • Audacity to cut & level sounds (free), Sound Converter (Linux only) to quickly convert to needed format for Stencyl
  • for timetracking/taking regular breaks
  • Chronolapse to record timelapse, FFMPEG to convert to video and combine with music

I hope this was useful!

Click here to play my game173f_compressed.jpg

(and leave me a comment please :))

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