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Incredible font! I have used it in every pixel art project I have worked on since I came across it. Thanks for sharing it!

So I found this font of yours and I thought it was really cool! I used it in my first jam game with, coincidentally, the theme "Tiny World". I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing font!

Cool font I'm using it in my game gave you credit hope it's okay.

yo, r'lly appreciate the fonts. Can i credit you in my game ?



This font looks great. What's the usage license? Creative Commons? Attribution? MIT?

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CC-BY 3.0 but Attribution is not necessary! Just not Public Domain to retain some rights so people can't resell it on it's own etc :)



Thx! It is very useful thing to me

Glad you like it :)


It's a great font! Going to have some fun with it :D

Thanks Duckie! Curious what you'll use it for c:

Already did! Used to title the bitsy game I made over the weekend :D I must say it fit really well


can I use it for my game

Of course, that's why I submitted it, so that people can use it :)


looks really nice and clean!

Thank you Jacob :)


Awesome!!! I'll use it in my games, referencing you here. Thanks!


Glad you like it Daniel! :)